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Scorpio's Call - Liberated by your Passions

How does the deep longing inside your body and heart fuel a blazing path of breaking new ground...? This Scorpio New Moon is a moment to revitalize your core with the fresh energy generated from alchemy: facing our shadow, the hidden layers we shy away from... how deep can you go with your breath? Breathing new life into these sensitive, fuel-rich spaces... Turning toxicities into creative aliveness.

Dance your heart out, be stirred as deep as you go... and create from that place. The depths are calling us to: Get in there. Face the fear. Breath w ferocity and expansive surrender. Transform. Rise above. Turn on. Kick ass.

When life calls you into your depths, how do you respond?  

This is a time of great immensity... of shedding for brighter shining... of clearing our systems of toxicities, facing the decay within our relationships and psyche and instead of being pulled down by it's weight, allowing it become fuel for liberation, truth and essence.  We have to be truthful with ourselves and willing to get honest with our own minds and relationships for this alchemy to occur.

So, is your breath deepening at this time?  Are you connecting with the elements of nature, to the organs of your body?  Do you feel life raising the stakes, calling you to your edges with ever more intensity?  The transformative process of life is moving like a torrent and the earth calls us to sing from it's roots, from it's inner fires and BE WHO YOU ARE, because we need your medicine at this time.  

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