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Amma Li is a visionary in the field of self-growth and personal transformation. Combining over 15 years of dedicated practice in Western Astrology and the Gene Keys, with a depth of knowledge + experience in parts work (Voice Dialogue/IFS), interpersonal neurobiology, and living systems, her unique approach empowers clients to navigate their lives with increased agency, creativity, and fulfillment, unlocking new realms of potential + possibility.

As a symbolic scientist, Amma Li excels at guiding individuals through their distinct growth cycles, providing tailored evolutionary maps to their life + experiences. Her ability to identify and nurture emerging, innate capacities enables clients to evolve through life's challenges + become more of who they are. Celebrated for her artful expression, intellectual depth, and clarity in articulating the nuances of the human experience, Amma Li’s guidance, rich in insight and understanding, is widely regarded as a transformative experience. 

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