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Sagittarius New Moon - Living the answers to the big questions

Today's New Moon is in the 5th Gene Key - Patience. It's square to Mars and Neptune in the 63rd Gene Key - Inquiry. Have Patience with the Inquiries you are making at this time. This is a time of asking big questions. The Sagittarian skies are wide open... shifts in perspectives and deep insights into your nature await you. Though if you grip onto these questions with the need to know through your Left, logical brain, or with the Impatient mistrust in the answers that are revealed,,, the ceiling of those wide skies will press in... limiting the expanse of what you can see.

Do not limit your sight with Impatience and Doubt, Dogma and Right+Wrong, Delusion and Escaping what life is asking you to see. Your site is greatly tied to your connection to the Earth, its cycles, seasons and elements right now. Open your eyes with your feet on the ground, breathing in a feedback loop of somatic sentient awareness with Earth... and then see what you see.

New updated lenses on reality are making themselves known, and are readily available for those willing to penetrate into deeper layers of self-honesty. Seeing our shadow with greater depth and precision is made possible by the safe + brave spaces we create for ourselves... What would support you to lighten up in this process and let go of identifying with these unintegrated parts of yourself?

I see the tension between this New Moon square as a sort of gateway into the Grand Water Trine of healing and integration. Mercury went direct yesterday in the 14th Gene Key - Competence. After it's 3-week retrograde cycle, the moment it stationed direct, it formed a tight Grand Water Trine with none other than Chiron, the wounded healer, in the 36th Gene Key- Humanity + the North Node, our evolutionary direction, in the 56th Gene Key - Enrichment. Whoa.

This video goes into much more content on these aspects. It also feels incomplete, unrefined and only scratching the surface! Thank you endlessly for your support for me to live out my purpose and learn how to be a better translator of stars into hearts.

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