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Remodeling our Inner Architectures

This is the first video in my new Gene Keys Astrology series exploring the evolution of consciousness, culture + psyche through an archetypal lens. I am feeling freshly inspired to look into the various planetary alignments involved in this remarkable phase of our human history, to curiously seek out clues, secret maps and passageways through this uncharted terrain and be mused on the hero's journey of embodying our true nature.

In this opening video, I go deep into Pluto in the 61st Gene Key (Psychosis-Inspiration-Sanctity) as it signals a momentous shift in worldview and fundamental restructuring of the world as we've known it, on the collective and individual level. This configuration marks a great Turning Within to uncover our Inner Truth, for what emerges on the other of this threshold will come from deep inside each individual willing enough to face themselves,,, and the unknown.

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